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This world hurts, and it keeps hurting. And you want to hurt it back. But it's a fight you can't win, Amicia.[src]
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A Plague Tale: Requiem is a narrative-driven, action-adventure stealth video game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Entertainment. It is the sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence, and follows siblings continuing on with the story of Amicia and Hugo de Rune as they journey across Provence to find a cure for Hugo's condition.

On August 19, 2022, A Plague Tale: Requiem had gone gold,[2] meaning all development of the game had been completed and mass manufacturing had begun. The game was released on October 18, 2022 and is available for Windows, Cloud version on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S,[3] and can also be played through Game Pass as a day-one release on the service.[4] It received generally positive reviews from critics. At The Game Awards 2022, it received five nominations, including Game of the Year.



Six months following the events of the first game, siblings Amicia (Charlotte McBurney) and Hugo de Rune (Logan Hannan), along with their mother Béatrice (Lucy Briggs-Owen) and her apprentice Lucas (Kit Connor), seek refuge among an organization of alchemists called the Order. A hostile group of beekeepers attacks the siblings, causing the Prima Macula to reawaken in Hugo. In a town in Provence, Béatrice and Order representative Vaudin's (Antony Byrne) attempts to treat Hugo only exacerbate his condition, resulting in the town being swarmed by rats and left in ruins. Vaudin is killed while the others escape on a boat bound for the Order's headquarters in Marseille.

Unwilling to see Hugo locked up as the Order's test subject, Amicia leaves Béatrice and Lucas behind and takes Hugo to seek an island of which Hugo has recurring dreams, hoping it will lead to a cure for the Macula. Along the way, they are pursued by Provence soldiers, as well as mercenaries led by the disgraced knight Arnaud Malpart (Harry Myers). Arnaud offers to arrange transport to the island from Hugo's dreams, La Cuna. They sail to the island on the ship of Arnaud's smuggler friend Sophia (Anna Demetriou).

Arriving at La Cuna, the group discovers that the residents, led by Count Victor (Alistair Petrie) and Countess Emilie (Ellie Heydon), worship a pagan deity called the Child of Embers. Arnaud tries to coerce Hugo into summoning rats to attack Victor—whom he blames for the death of his son—but Amicia intervenes, and Arnaud is arrested. Amicia deduces that the Count and Countess are unknowingly worshipping a previous Macula carrier as the Child. With Sophia, they delve into an ancient Order temple, following the history of the carrier, Basilius, and his protector, Aelia Dragas. Entering a chapel where Aelia was imprisoned after rebelling against the Order, the group encounters a cult of slavers who offer human sacrifices to the Child; Hugo summons rats to kill the slavers. The group discovers Basilius was imprisoned underground by the Order to contain the Macula, and Aelia died before she could reach him. Without Aelia, Basilius gave in to the Macula and unleashed the Justinian Plague. Amicia realizes the Macula showed Hugo the dream to lure him into its clutches, and they flee the prison as it collapses under a vast horde of rats.

Amicia and Hugo return to Victor's castle and reunite with Béatrice and Lucas. Amicia reasons that, if they are there to support Hugo, the Macula will remain dormant. However, Victor reveals Emilie believes Hugo is the Child—a myth Victor invented for Emilie, who is infertile—so they must kill Hugo's old family and adopt him. After Emilie kills Béatrice in a ritual sacrifice, Hugo summons a horde of rats which devours Emilie and destroys much of the island. Amicia's group rescues Arnaud before escaping on Sophia's ship, with Victor in pursuit. Victor wounds Amicia and captures Hugo while the rest are forced overboard. On shore, Arnaud sacrifices himself to allow Amicia to kill Victor, but they are too late to prevent Hugo, who believes Amicia to be dead, from giving himself over to the Macula. A cloud blots out the sun, allowing the rats to spread unchecked and destroy Marseille. Amicia delves into the ruined city, where Hugo's voice tells her that, having now fully merged with the Macula, the only way to stop the rats is to kill him. Hugo will be killed by Lucas if Amicia refuses to do so.

One year later, Amicia has a home in the mountains, and Lucas is continuing his alchemy studies. Amicia prepares to journey with Sophia to find the next Macula carrier and protector so that she can help guide them. Before she leaves, she pays her respects to Hugo's grave.

In a post-credits scene set in the modern era, a child is on a ventilator, with signs of the Macula on the skin.


  • Amicia de Rune (Charlotte McBurney) – The eldest child of the de Rune household, trained by her father in the art of hunting, who has had little contact with her brother while they were growing up. Amicia is named as her brother's protector and ensures by all means that Hugo survives his sickness in the plague-ridden countryside of France.
  • Hugo de Rune (Logan Hannan) – Amicia's junior by ten years, who suffers from a congenital malady and has spent a lifetime in isolation. Hugo has little knowledge of the outside world, but prefers the dangers outside to what he was forced to endure. When his sickness starts to worsen and threatens all existence as a result, he and Amicia search for an island that he believes will be able to cure him.
  • Lucas (Kit Connor) – The first apprentice of Laurentius and now the apprentice of Béatrice. He spends a lot of his time helping Amicia try to find a cure for her sick brother and becomes a good friend of the two siblings.
  • Béatrice de Rune (Lucy Briggs-Owen) – Amicia and Hugo's mother, working within the Order as an alchemist.
  • Arnaud Malpart (Harry Myers) – A mercenary and former soldier who, after serving as an obstacle for the de Runes, forms an uneasy alliance with them.
  • Sophia (Anna Demetriou) – A smuggler who helps the de Runes thanks to a favor she owes Arnaud and is looking for a way to get away from her life of piracy.
  • Victor (Alistair Petrie) – The count and ruler of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and resides within the island of La Cuna along with his wife Emilie. He seeks to make Hugo their son per the 'Child of Embers' story native to the island and intends to deal with the plague in his own manner.
  • Emilie (Ellie Heydon) – A wealthy and well-spoken woman who serves as Victor's much more reasonable wife and mediator, acting as the charismatic leader of La Cuna and governed with the help of her husband's military expertise.
  • Vaudin (Anthony Bryne) – A member of the Order from Provence, whom the de Runes consult in attempting to treat Hugo's condition.
  • Joseph (Ruben Crow) – A sailor who has deep ties with the Order. He is most notably associated with the local member Vaudin.
  • Milo (Joplin Siptain) – A vicious slaver who resides in an abandoned fort on La Cuna, who believes the rats foretell the coming of their pagan god, the 'Child of Embers' and is willing to spill as much blood of his 'wares' as needed to appease him and earn his favor.
  • Tonin (Claire Morgan) – A farm boy who the siblings encounter while frolicking in the woods.


Requiem is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. In the game, the player assumes control of Amicia de Rune and must face off against both soldiers from the Inquisition and hordes of rats that are spreading the black plague. Gameplay is largely similar to Innocence, though the combat system is significantly expanded. Amicia is equipped with weapons such as a knife to stab enemies, a sling that can be used to throw rocks, and a crossbow which allows her to easily defeat armored opponents. Crossbow bolts, throwing pots, and rocks can be combined with alchemical mixtures. In addition to Ignifer and Exstinguis, which allows the player to light and extinguish flame respectively, the game introduces tar, which increases the radius of the light source, and can be used to ignite enemies.[5]

Locations are also larger in Requiem, giving players additional options to progress. Stealth is expanded in Requiem. Unlike Innocence, Amicia would not die after being hit once by enemies. She can also return to stealth after she was discovered by enemies, and counter their attacks if she gets too close to them. Amicia's brother Hugo, who has a connection to the plague, can use an ability named "Echo" which reveals the locations of enemies through walls. Hugo can also control the hordes of rats to overwhelm enemies. Similar to the first game, the rats, which are light-averse, play a huge role in the game. Amicia and Hugo must stay in the light, or they will be devoured by the rats. Amicia can use the rats to her advantage, manipulating them to solve puzzles, or even lure them to kill enemies.[5]

The game also features a progression system in which the player will be awarded additional skills and abilities. Stealth players will unlock skills that allows them to sneak around more efficiently, while those who prefer a more lethal approach will unlock additional combat skills.[5] The player's gears and equipment can also be upgraded at workbenches.[6]



Development of the game began soon after the release of its predecessor. Although initially a sequel was not announced, rumors quickly circulated about a second opus which would already be in development.[7] The game is therefore developed for three years by Asobo Studio, which now has more than 250 members. The studio also has its own motion-capture division and its own graphics engine.[8] This new opus retains the same creative team as the previous one, including the same screenwriter, directors, and composer.

Similar to the first game, the game is set in Medieval France in the fourteenth century. To ensure the authenticity of the locations, the team collaborated with Roxane Chilà, a doctor in medieval history, and browsed both Wikipedia and other specialized websites for additional information. They also drew inspirations from the personal experiences of some of their team members. The team decided early on that the game would have a different color palette when compared with its predecessor. As a result, the setting of the game was moved from the gloomy, war-torn Aquitaine to Provence, which is more colorful and vibrant. According to lead writer Sébastien Renard, this created a "sharper contrast between the harsh reality of the medieval setting, in which terrible events are happening, and beautiful, sometimes uncharted environments". To create additional opportunities for puzzle-solving, the game introduces several new locations including harbors and marketplaces, in Requiem.[9]


Requiem was announced on June 13, 2021. A first look at the trailer appeared at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.[10][11] A new trailer was released in December 2021, at The Game Awards 2021 ceremony.[12] The game competed for the Tribeca Games Award and was included as an official selection.[13] The game is set to be released on October 18, 2022 for Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S. The release of a new generation of consoles allowed the game to render more than 300,000 rats at once.[5] A cloud-only version was also to be released for Nintendo Switch on the same day.[14]


Critical Response[]


Requiem was the fifth best-selling video game in the United Kingdom in its week of release. The game also featured over one million players during its launch week.[15] On November 4, 2022, Focus Entertainment announced that the game has reached more than one million players.[16]


Year Award Category Outcome Ref.
2022 Golden Joystick Awards Best Visual Design Nominated [17]
The Game Awards 2022 Game of the Year Nominated [18]
Best Narrative Nominated
Best Score and Music Nominated
Best Performance (Charlotte McBurney) Nominated
Best Action-Adventure Game Nominated
2023 22nd NAVGTR Awards Game of the Year Nominated [19]
Outstanding Art Direction, Period Influence Nominated
Outstanding Camera Direction in a Game Engine Nominated
Outstanding Game, Franchise Adventure Won [20]
Outstanding Original Dramatic Score, Franchise Won
26th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards Outstanding Technical Achievement Nominated [21]
Outstanding Achievement in Audio Design Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition Nominated
4ème Cérémonie des Pégases Best Video Game Nominated [22]
Visual Excellence Won [23]
Best Sound Design Won
Narrative Excellence Won
Audience Award Won
19th British Academy Games Awards Artistic Achievement Nominated [24]
Audio Achievement Nominated
Music Nominated
Narrative Nominated
Performer in a Leading Role (Charlotte McBurney) Nominated
27th Annual Webby Awards Best Music/Sound Design (Webby Winner) Won [25]
Best Music/Sound Design (People's Voice Winner) Won


Game director Kévin Choteau said Requiem was "the end" for now in October, but left the possibility of a sequel open pending the title's success.[26]



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