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Amicia de Rune is the main protagonist of A Plague Tale: Innocence and the upcoming sequel A Plague Tale: Requiem.

The eldest child of the de Rune family, she and her brother are compelled to flee for their lives through the pestilent countryside of France when the Inquisition raids her family's château for heresy, and murders everybody to have her brother in their possession.


Amicia is a young, headstrong girl with an assertive personality. She wants a life filled with adventure. She shows a progressive attitude, but she is also quite egocentric. She's not used to sharing or opening herself to others, which will be a real challenge for her.

Background and Early Life

Amicia was born to Béatrice and Robert de Rune. She grew up in a life of privilege and wealth, as she was a knight's daughter and was close to her family, but they had become distant over time, with her younger brother Hugo being watched over closely as he had a mysterious illness. Out of the whole family, Amicia was the least close with Hugo, due to him being sheltered and regularly treated for his illness.

The de Rune Legacy

Amicia goes on a hunt with her father, Robert de Rune and the family hunting dog, Lion. They head to a forest beyond the estate on horseback before dismounting at the edge. While walking, Amicia and Robert encounter the ribbon that Amicia's mother, Béatrice, had tied on to a tree during the parents' younger days in which Robert was courting her. Amicia mentions that she never really sees her mother anymore due to having to treat her little brother, Hugo, and his illness that has lead the children to be separated for most of their lives. Robert says that everyone has obligations, to his daughter's disappointment. Lion arrives during their talk and interrupts with his barking, which leads to the lord throwing a stick for the dog to fetch so he can talk unhindered to his daughter.

The group arrive at an apple tree, which Robert states was planted when Amicia was born. He then challenges her to hit six "rotten" apples with her sling before he reaches the count of ten. Following Amicia's triumph, they are interrupted once again by Lion, who has gotten into a hunting position before barking and running off. Amicia chases after him as Robert promises to catch up, and they encounter a wild boar that Lion was chasing. Robert advises Amicia to quietly make her way to the unaware boar through a patch of tall grass and kill it with her sling for the night's feast. Amicia makes her way but once she stands up, the boar is startled by her presence and flees. Amicia then runs after the boar and eventually downs it with a shot to the head. Robert congratulations her warmly however the boar, having only been injured, rises and flees once again. Amicia, accompanied by Lion, then chase after it once again; however, Lion, being undisciplined and much faster than his owner, runs on ahead, to Amicia's playful chagrin.

Amicia heads deeper into the forest and trudges through mud, to her disgust, all while following Lion. Suddenly, she comes across the boar, the body showing signs of mauling with Lion gone and debunked that the dog couldn't have done it. She then searches for the dog, hearing whimpering, and finds him a little ways away, gravely injured and in front of a dark pit. Horrified, Amicia kneels in front of Lion and wonders aloud what had left Lion in this state, her father now arrived. Suddenly, an unseen entity violently drags Lion into the pit to his death, Robert holding Amicia back from trying to save him and prepares to defend them both; however, the force doesn't reappear and the lord gravely recommends that they return home and tell Béatrice, an alchemist, what has happened. The father and daughter return back to the de Rune estate and Robert gently tells a heartbroken Amicia that Lion was a good dog. Amicia then sets off the find her mother and finds her in her study after asking two of the maids for her whereabouts.

Béatrice gently reminds her that she is not allowed in the study and Amicia admits it but then tries to tell her mother about the incident in the forest. Béatrice warmly tells her that she hasn't got time to listen to her daughter's stories and attracted by a commotion outside, goes to a window to see. Amicia still attempts to explain what happened to Lion in the forest, but her mother orders her to go to her brother, Hugo, and lock the door behind her. Confused, she asks why but Béatrice reinforces this and adds on the request to close the shutters. Amicia protests but Béatrice tells her that Hugo is not contagious and admits that the siblings are essentially strangers to each other but to trust her still.

Amicia after witnessing her father's murder

Amicia reassures her mother that she does indeed trust her and goes to find her brother who is playing in his room behind a makeshift fort. She shyly introduces herself to Hugo and is attracted by the noise outside. Peering through the shutters of her brother's room, Amicia witnesses Inquisition soldiers capturing her father and several servants. She also witnesses the leader of the soldiers, Lord Nicholas, murder her father after questioning him for Hugo's whereabouts and he orders the soldiers to storm the estate. Despite being horrified by what she's seen, Amicia decides to try and escape the estate with her little brother and with him at her side, the siblings make their way through soldiers questioning and killing servants. When Amicia and Hugo are about to exit the estate, they are caught by an Inquisition soldier, who attempts to capture Hugo, but is knocked out from behind by Beatrice. Amicia, and Hugo join their mother to attempt to sneak out of the estate while witnessing the Inquisition interrogating and slaughtering the servants. During the escape, Amicia learns that a symptom of Hugo's illness is headaches. The siblings and ther mother reach the gate leading outside of the estate and are met by a servant, who aids them. As the siblings make their leave, Amicia notices Nicholas charging toward them through the estate courtyard on horseback. With little time, Beatrice tells Amicia to take care of Hugo and to find Laurentius, a doctor who helped Beatrice treat Hugo's illness, who will have answers for Amicia and Hugo. Despite Amicia's pleas for her mother to join her and her brother, Beatrice slams the door to the estate, and Amicia is shocked when a sword dripping blood pierces the door. Amicia and Hugo flee into the forest outside of the estate, while being pursued by the Inquisition. As the siblings are fleeing, the same unseen entities that killed Lion emerge from the ground and begin to devour some of the Inquisition soldiers. Amicia and Hugo eventually reach a river and with the Inquisition hot on their heels, they leap into the river and are swept away.

The Strangers

Amicia and Hugo eventually wash up near a village surrounded by stone walls. Amicia and her brother enter the village in hopes that someone there can lead them to Laurentius, only to find it empty, with the few people they encounter refusing to shelter them, as a plague has struck the village. Amicia and her brother make their way to the village square, where they witness two villagers being burned at the stake in a pogrom. One of the villagers, Conrad Malfort, notices the siblings and accusses them of spreading the plague and leads the villagers to chase the siblings through the town. The siblings narrowly escape the angry villagers when a kind old woman named Clervie secretly lets them into her residence. Clervie allows Amicia and Hugo to change into new clothes, and tells the siblings about the plague coming from the village church and that the monks could tell them about Laurentius. After repairing her sling on a workbench, Amicia hears villagers arguing outside, and Hugo smashes a mallet on the workbench, demanding to see his mother, forcing Amicia to shout at Hugo, telling her brother that their parents are dead. This angers Hugo, who runs outside and crawls through a hole in the walled fence of the home. Amicia chases after Hugo, only to find Hugo being attacked by a villager. Using her sling, Amicia hurls a rock at the villager, killing him instantly. Amicia follows Hugo to the church, but Hugo is attacked by Conrad, and Amicia fights Conrad to protect her brother. Amicia destroys Conrad's armor and kills him. Amicia apologizes to Hugo for her outbburst, and the siblings embrace briefly. They are interrupted when a group of villagers arrive outside the gates to the church. One of the villagers attempts to climb over the wall of the gate, which forces Amicia and Hugo to flee inside the church.


The Apprentice

The Ravens' Spoils

Damaged Goods

The Path Before Us

Our Home

In the Shadow of Ramparts

The Way of Roses


All That Remains




For Each Other

Amicia and Hugo enter a town to purchase herbs. Lucas plans to use these herbs to create medicine for Beatrice. After purchasing the herbs, the siblings explore the town. Amicia may participate in a slingshot shooting carnival game, potentially winning an apple for Hugo.

Hugo runs off towards a fair. Amicia follows him and finds that Hugo is blocked from entering the area by two men. She is informed that "important people" are searching for a teenaged girl and her younger brother, and that the men don’t want any trouble in the town. The siblings leave and have a race seeing which of them can reach the cart first.

Amicia and Hugo arrive at the cart, where Béatrice sleeps and Lucas waits. Hugo comments that the men standing outside of the fair looked at him in a similar way to Mélie, before she left. Amicia tells her brother that Mélie didn't leave because of him. Hugo tells her that she‘s lying. The two play a game as they ride away in the cart.

Physical Appearance

Amicia is a fifteen-year-old brunette with arched eyebrows, large blue eyes, and fair skin with faint freckles and moles around her face. Because she is a child from a noble family who never had to fight to survive, Amicia sports a good figure, but not too athletic. She is also noticeably tall for her age. [1]

At the beginning, Amicia wears fine clothing consisting of a white undershirt with lush sleeves and long, narrow cuffs, a fitted overshirt, dark skinny trousers, and dark breeches. She also wears a silver necklace with a pendant of the de Rune coat of arms embedded into it. As a member of the noble class, she has an intricate hairstyle anchoring her rank; Amicia wears her hair in a high braided bun with smaller knots, all of which are interwoven with a pink ribbon. Her brother also tends to give her a variety of small flowers to wear in her hair throughout their travels.

Following the order's raid on her home, Amicia gains a few scars on the bridge of her nose, lower lip, and chin, and her hair falls to a single braid down her back. After meeting Clervie, she changes into equipped clothing.

Amicia's weapon of choice is the sling, which was given to her by her father as a gift.

In A Plague Tale: Requiem Amicia has noticeably gotten taller albeit slightly. Her apparel has changed as well but she has kept some pieces of her clothing from her previous adventure for example the armour plate on her right elbow. Her voice has also gotten deeper as well. It is likely that Amicia in the sequel is in her young adult years


Amicia de Rune fears nothing!
Amicia, ready to take on the knight's challenge

Amicia starts out as a normal girl, with a fondness for practicing on a slingshot, the outdoors, and her pet dog Lion. Though capable of finding her way out of situations, she can be rather short-tempered with her younger brother, who has the naivety, selfishness, and short attention span of his age. She is a fast learner and can be rather determined and brave in her average life at the de Rune estate.

Amicia is close to her father, but somewhat distant from her mother, as the latter spends most if not all of her time caring for Hugo. Throughout the game Amicia has a small jealous streak towards Hugo as a result of this.

As Amicia and Hugo become closer, Amicia becomes more protective of her brother. She expresses concern over the Prima Macula's progression and goes through great lengths to keep her little brother from harm's way, willing to put herself at risk of capture from the Inquisition while retrieving the Sanguinis Itinera, killing numerous people in order to protect him, and stating that she "did all she did for him and would do it again."

Amicia also becomes progressively more violent towards others as the game progresses, losing much of her childish innocence. After killing a person for the first time she goes into a state of shock, but by the end of the game she's willing to kill anyone who gets in her way. The player can make Amicia more (saving a trapped man from rats, saving civilian strangers) or less (unnecessarily killing a man with rats) empathetic. Amicia tends to remain calm and rational during combat and other extreme circumstances.

Abilities and Skills


Like mother, like daughter...
Lucas, recognizing Amicia's gift for alchemy
Source: "The Apprentice"
  • Agility and Durability: Amicia is a slim, yet strong and agile girl with rather fast reflexes, along with good perception and balance. She is able to effortlessly and swiftly vault over various obstacles, climb up to higher grounds given there's a reasonable way, and fit through lower holes. She can easily maintain her balance while slipping down a soil slope when she pursues a wild boar with Lion. She is also quite strong, being able to lift up other characters with a smaller or similar size with her hands, including Hugo, as she always does the lifting job while working with Lucas or even Mélie, to reach higher grounds. Her fast reflexes and high agility lets her manage to dodge every single attack from Conrad Malfort, or even a rat horde's smashing and subterranean attacks from Vitalis Bénévent. Despite all of these, Amicia doesn't appear to possess any melee or weaponry skills, except her sling, and tends to stand still if any enemy approaches her in any direction. She is likely to be killed if the player lets that happen and thus is easily knocked unconscious by an English soldier from behind, and Nicholas from the front respectively.
  • Intelligence: While attempting to retrieve the Sanguinis Itinera, Amicia is able to get through a heavily-guarded and rat-infested city to reach the University all on her own—until she meets Rodric—though she does miss the help she receives from Mélie. She also manages to control her emotions while traveling to what remains of the de Rune estate with Lucas, as she prefers to see the horrifying facts and what has become of her home instead of avoiding them somehow. She is indeed tough and assertive in a way to even surpass the case of Rodric, who is supposed to be the physically toughest and bravest of the characters, as he is seemingly destroyed while facing a similar situation, but on a much smaller scale; however, Amicia is heavily drained and exhausted along the process—both physically and psychologically, such as when she is constantly troubled and haunted by her past decisions and guilt, and finally collapses as shown in "Penance". She still suffers from the aftershocks of her hallucinations when she wakes up after being rescued by others, and seemingly continues to suffer from depression for the following month. Despite her sufferings, she tries to persuade herself with the fact that Hugo isn't coming back, exactly the same she does with Hugo when Béatrice supposedly dies. Later, she remains being rational and calm, even when threatened with death by Nicholas and chooses to trust Hugo no matter what while risking her own life to help him get past the first threshold, although she could never have predicted the result. She is also the first one to stand out and support a raging Mélie, both for her friendship and for reasonable facts.
  • Noble: Amicia is, by all means, a noble and a lady, which allows her to possess the same general abilities as any other noble rank people. This includes basic reading and writing skills, talking, dressing manners, and so on. She appears to have read a lot of books as Mélie comments and also tends to describe Arthur as a hero from the book. She also appears to be able to recognize Latin, though she might still have difficulties pronouncing said language.
  • Horseback Riding: Amicia can ride a horse, just like her father Robert, and appears to have an ambition of beating lords at hunt, though she is still shorter than any average adult and tends to dismount while facing backwards. Amicia also appears to be very knowledgeable about horses and tends to caress them whenever she has the chance to do so.
  • Huntress: Amicia appears to hunt with her companion dog Lion on a regular basis. In "The de Rune Legacy", she hunts a wild boar with him and also displays a certain level of tracking skills when she recognizes the blood trails left by the boar; however, this proved to be insufficient to help her find Hugo when he runs away from Château d'Ombrage and attempts to turn himself in to save their mother Béatrice all by himself.
  • Alchemical Knowledge: Amicia has a gift for alchemy as Lucas comments, although her mother Béatrice, as a master alchemist herself, hides the fact from Amicia and never teaches her anything. Amicia is able to make rather perfect mixtures despite the fact of it being her first attempt. She learns to craft various alchemical projectiles and mixtures from Lucas throughout the course of the game, even those from Mélie, Rodric, and Inquisition magisters, and is able to immediately use the results into the field.


That was... Wow... Are you trying to win the war on your own or what?
Mélie on Amicia's killing spree with her sling
Source: "Damaged Goods"
  • Expert Sling Wielder: Amicia's weapon of choice is the sling, which appears to be her only weapon as she isn't skilled with any other weaponry. The sling is a very powerful weapon, being able to break strong metal locks or even cause lethal headshots once upgraded with greater projectile speed. She has proven to have extensive training with it, being able to hit her targets precisely, even if they appear to move fast sometimes. She can also use the sling to shoot various alchemy projectiles or mixtures. Her speed and precision improve as she keeps practicing and upgrading the sling. As a result, she can sometimes handle multiple enemies at the same time to some degree. Despite her efforts and the lethality of an upgraded sling, the latter still tends to be a rather slow weapon as it takes time to prime and recharge, and thus proves to be ineffective when the wielder is surrounded by enemies.
  • Crafting: Amicia has extensive technical knowledge with her sling, being able to apply various upgrades to it with materials looted throughout the course of the game. She is able to make high quality makeshift systems and other crucial improvements to the sling to improve its combat effectiveness. With the right upgrade to the strings or pouch, the sling will no longer make any noise, or allows Amicia to shoot two rocks in a row without priming and recharging. Amicia can also upgrade her equipment on the workstation, which includes her pocket, ammunition bag, and attirail, this respectively allows her to carry more materials, ammunition, or be able to work her upgrades without relying on a workstation, and even without tools as she'll have her own reusable tools by then, therefore she can do everything on the go, anytime and anywhere, without any issues. Once she gains access to Episanguis, combined with her alchemical knowledge, she can also apply certain container or instrument upgrades, the former including her pocket and sling pouch, to grant her even more advantages, such as allowing her to shoot alchemical mixtures like Luminosa and Somnum, which appears to be less durable, with her sling, or knock off an enemy's helmet directly by shooting a stone from her sling.
  • Projectile Hand-throwing: Amicia can throw projectiles using her hand with considerable accuracy to mainly act as a diversion to enemies to avoid making additional noises and being spotted. The projectiles follow a parabolic curve mostly when thrown by Amicia's hand and thus are less threatening than those fired from her sling, being almost harmless, but also have a shorter range. She can also throw various chemical projectiles to serve their relevant purposes, same as those fired from her sling.
  • Imperium Channeling: After Hugo passes the first threshold, Amicia can guide him to use his Imperium ability whenever she holds his hand. In this case, the player gains access to Imperium while controlling Amicia. This is possibly due to their bond after the incident, or their shared bloodline through the de Rune family. This ability impresses Rodric as he watches the rat horde attacks in awe, it also strengthens his confidence at the start of "Coronation" in which he tends to leave the fighting to the siblings. While holding Hugo's hand, the rats won't attack Amicia and will instead give way to the siblings. As the black rats follow Hugo's command, all protagonists enjoy the same privilege, even during the final confrontation with Vitalis when Amicia lets go of his hand.


Hugo de Rune

Amicia initially has a distant relationship with her younger brother as she rarely ever saw him. This prompts her to be regularly curt to him, and even shows jealousy in that she saw very little of their mother while he did instead. As the game progresses, however, Amicia becomes protective and even maternal towards Hugo, even developing insomnia and having intense hallucinations of Hugo after he joins the Inquisition.

The two can quickly become irritated with each other, especially Amicia. She is often frustrated by Hugo's credulousness and childlike curiosity, though she does understand this is due to his lack of world knowledge along with his age. In the face of all of this, she has the ability to become fiercely protective of Hugo and does all she can to shield him from the horrors surrounding them and keep him out of harm's way. She tries to maintain some of Hugo’s innocence despite their circumstances, telling him not to look at some of the game‘s more gruesome scenes and playing games with him at times.

Robert de Rune

Amicia's relationship with her father Robert marks one of the most crucial changes to her life and character among the events of the game. Before the birth of Hugo, her relationship with her parents is most likely close, especially with him. Her sling is initially a gift from Robert and they most likely spend much time together, as she craves for a life of adventures and tends to dress more like a knight rather than a lady, which only her father can approve of and encourage her. The apple tree, which is planted at the same time when Amicia is born and serves as a target range for the knight's challenge, also marks Robert's love for her and expectations from her; however, with the birth of Hugo and his symptoms of possessing the Prima Macula, Béatrice decides to take care of Hugo exclusively, along with Robert, as they work together to ensure his safety and to hide him from the outside world, even from Amicia. Meanwhile, Robert is also quite busy with his job being a lord.

For nearly five years, Amicia barely sees her father and sees her mother even less, as Hugo's room, along with Béatrice's study, where Amicia is most likely not allowed to enter, are along the other hallway of the estate when compared to her own room. As loneliness and jealousy in Amicia slowly develops, Robert changes his mind to some extent and decides to spend more time with his daughter. As Robert tries to explain and express his regrets for not accompanying her enough earlier, with which Amicia is still not quite satisfied, she is nevertheless excited to be with him once again. She is eager to do the knight's challenge once more while Robert tends to enjoy the small talk between them and is happy to share his knowledge with her. He is also quite impressed with Amicia's sling skill over the years, yet he tends to use a more sarcastic approach to express his praise, partially as his reply to Amicia's previous harsh comment on him.

In times of danger, Robert is fiercely protective of Amicia, despite his seemingly rusty combat skills after his retirement, even going as far as dying than telling Nicholas the whereabouts of his family, while trusting the capabilities of his wife Béatrice and their daughter to protect Hugo. It's likely that Amicia will somehow inherit Robert's spirit as a knight and continues to play her father's role and thus fills the void he lefts, both for Béatrice and for Hugo, to be their guardian angel until Hugo grows up.

With the loss of Robert, Amicia is greatly shocked and frightened, yet she tries to hide her fears and great sorrows before Hugo and attempts to carry the burden of the whole family, especially after the supposed death of her mother. She expresses deep yearnings for her parents by hanging her family pendant on a tree in Château d'Ombrage, along with Hugo's. Upon going back to their estate to retrieve the craft the healing elixir with Lucas, she is stricken with great sorrow upon seeing her father's body lying alone on the ground the same place where he fell, and later becomes furious when the rats take his body from her, permanently stripping her of the chance to properly bury him. It is her rational mind that overcomes this sentiment and helps her to stay calm and concentrated with her objective. With Béatrice's return at the end of the game, the de Rune family finally reunited once again, but due to the loss of Robert their future appears to be indeterminate.

Béatrice de Rune

Amicia's relationship with her mother Béatrice becomes distant ever since the birth of her younger brother, though they are likely close before the incident as the tablecloth Louise finds for her is originally a gift from Béatrice; however, Béatrice decides to take care of the boy exclusively because of his illness, deciding to hide him from almost everyone, including Amicia, with the exception of Robert and possibly a few other servants of the estate. For nearly five years, Amicia barely gets the chance to see her brother and normally is not permitted into Béatrice's study either, resulting in Amicia spending a lonely life, she also appears to be afraid of seeing her mother, especially when she isn't in a good mood; however, while her jealousy slowly brews, she tends to treat her dog Lion as her emotional sustenance and likely finds comfort and peace with him as company.

With the loss of Lion and her father's orders regarding the incoming crisis, Amicia is eager to rush into her mother's study to inform her of the news, regardless of the usual prohibition; however, Béatrice soon senses the danger herself and makes a quick decision to entrust Amicia with the protection of Hugo. Later, Béatrice returns to save her children from imminent death just in time and helps them to escape the estate surrounded by the Inquisition. Although, near the end of their escape, she again hands over Hugo's safety to her daughter and refuses to go with them herself. With the supposed death of Béatrice soon after, Amicia is bestowed the task of taking care of Hugo alone and sets out to find the family doctor. Much later, she expresses deep yearnings for her parents by hanging her family pendant on a tree in Château d'Ombrage, along with Hugo's.

Upon receiving the news that Béatrice is still alive, she chooses to hide it from her brother; however, the boy overhears the news, resulting in him attempting to save their mother all by himself. As Hugo turns himself in, she is surprised to find the disease in him still in dormancy despite all the previous symptoms due to the effect of an accomplished elixir. Although she has no idea what her children have been through, Béatrice realizes it's Amicia, becoming impressed by her daughter's achievement.

During the final confrontation with Vitalis, Béatrice is happy to reunite with her children once again. Although heavily weakened due to torture, she chooses to support and look after Hugo herself while trusting Amicia with her capabilities to handle front-line obstacles. While the children prepare for their next journey, she is last seen sleeping in the carriage to recover her strength. It's likely that Amicia will somehow fill the void Robert leaves in the foreseeable future, both for Béatrice and Hugo.


Amicia's relationship with Lion is likely to be close, possibly due to the long-standing estrangement between her and her parents. Lion is the preferred companion of Amicia and she possibly treats him as her emotional sustenance, as she keeps him in her room with her and gives him an exclusive place by the furnace. Amicia is also very protective of Lion, she regularly praises and encourages him, even goes so far as to make harsh comments on her own father that they both have something in common when Robert jokes that Lion "thinks with his stomach." In return, Lion is very loyal to Amicia and appears to be very gentle whenever she caresses him. Lion also tries to catch the scent of any possible prey as best as he can, although he has a habit of outrunning his hunter, Amicia appears to be tolerant of that.

With the loss of Lion, Amicia turns out to be in great sorrow, despite Robert's effort of trying to console her, she mourns for him several times whenever she sees anything that reminds her of him and hopes he has a good time where he belongs, even later when she comes back to find Béatrice's underground lab with Lucas. She is also eager to describe what has happened to Béatrice, possibly also due to the importance of the affair, despite knowing that Béatrice is unlikely fond of hearing it.


Amicia's relationship with Lucas is arguably the most crucial to the story. She is friendly with Lucas, and seemingly admires his abundance of alchemical knowledge. They go through some of the most sinister chapters in the story together and she often uses his intelligence as solutions. Amicia is given numerous different types of alchemical recipes to use in the game from him. Lucas plays a vital role in Hugo's recovery ever since they meet, resulting in her expressing gratitude for his work and regularly praising him.

Initially, Amicia's egocentric nature prevents her from being talkative despite her efforts of trying to show friendliness with Lucas, as she tries to find something to say once Hugo is absent, but ends up asking embarrassingly if he is cold before bringing the topic back on Hugo again. As their journey goes on, having found out that Lucas is physically weak, Amicia is also quite willing to keep him out of harm's way as she does with Hugo, as she doesn't mind if the boys are daydreaming and busy researching the defense system, and is willing to take on the actual work herself along with Mélie, she also asks Lucas to stay out of the rain with Hugo while she attempts to clear the rats infesting Château d'Ombrage with Mélie. Later, when she goes to fetch the Sanguinis Itinera all on her own, she never forgets to bring back things that might interest or help Lucas even under extreme conditions, such as the chessboard or glasses. Although being protective of Lucas, she also doesn't mind asking for his help whenever the situation requires, such as asking him to push the cart alone when they try to get past the river of rats leading to the entrance to Béatrice's lab, which actually makes Lucas quite proud whenever he talks about it, despite the fact that it seems to be a little beyond his ability. In return, Lucas cares deeply about the well being of the de Rune siblings, both for the responsibility as Laurentius' apprentice and as a friend. He goes so far as to lie to Mélie just so she might be willing to save them, he is also willing to give up sleeping so he can try out the "Great Work" that just come to him, which might help Hugo. Lucas is the one that stays by Amicia's side when she goes unconscious while searching for Hugo and tries his best to help her with his knowledge, he is eager to tell her about everyone's worries including himself as soon as she awakes. He also offers to make Amicia a special brew of St. John's Wort, which might help with her depression, in case she needs it.


Amicia's relationship with Mélie is initially forbidden; however, they eventually begin to understand one another over the course of the game.

Their initial meeting is dramatic as it's Mélie's fury that breaks the peace and draws the attention of nearby English soldiers, which forces the de Rune siblings, along with Lucas, to escape with Mélie and her brother Arthur, as they are experienced raiders. At first, Amicia tends to put all the blames on Mélie for this, despite the latter's attempt with her brother to save her and Hugo from the English camp thanks to Lucas' lies; however, the two work closely together during their escape regardless of the said issue, and Amicia somehow impresses Mélie with her skills with the sling, determination, and bond with Hugo.

When Mélie later finds out that Lucas likely lied to them about the de Runes being rich, she appears to be quite tolerant of the fact, being willing to continue helping the siblings and even manages to reach a new consensus agreement with Lucas later without the presence of Arthur, who appears to be the usual decision maker. Due to the fact of their hideout being spotted and likely to be destroyed, Mélie is willing to help her new friends reach Château d'Ombrage. Along the way, Amicia also shows a strong desire to befriend Mélie, as she regularly mentions the advantages they share for being feminine when she attempts to cooperate with Mélie, she also appears to be fond of Mélie's talent of making incisive comments. As they both have a brother—being Hugo and Arthur respectively—Mélie is quite willing to share her experience on the subject with Amicia while giving her advice, encouraging her to maintain her bond with Hugo, explaining that it is definitely worth the efforts.

When Mélie hears about the survival of Béatrice from Arthur, she changes her mind on being separated and is eager to inform Amicia of the news, though she tends to cringe herself and instead asks Arthur to do the job for her, fearing that Amicia might blame her for not saving Béatrice—which indeed happens—though briefly as her brother is quick to inform Amicia of the importance of Béatrice to the Inquisition. The twins then offer to stay and look after Hugo along with Rodric when Amicia sets out with Lucas to continue the elixir which might cure Hugo. In the following month, Mélie seems to have developed a fondness for Lucas while her relationship with Amicia appears to be stagnant—albeit already being close friends—there is still a certain level of distance between the two, but Mélie, being tired of running, is willing to stay and make the castle her permanent home, contrary to Arthur's continual proposal to leave.

Following Arthur's death, Mélie is once again furious, though Amicia is the first one to support her. After the victory of their assault on the Inquisition, Mélie parts ways with her friends.


Amicia's relationship with Arthur can somehow be described as mutually favorable. Unlike his sister Mélie's furious nature, Arthur appears to be far more rational and calm, arguably less talkative and seems to be the usual decision maker of the two, despite "having a thing for fire". He's very protective of Mélie and appears to weigh their survival and safety above everything else. However, he still treats his other friends sincerely, including Amicia, while the latter and him turn out to have a favorable impression of each other.

Initially, it is Arthur who opens Amicia's cage and covers her and Mélie from higher grounds. When they happen to run into Nicholas and the Inquisition in the English camp, Arthur successfully diverts their attention briefly by throwing a barrel filled with explosives. When Amicia is trapped by the archers while having to use dead bodies as cover, Arthur once again blows the archers up with the same method, saving Amicia's life but turns out to get himself trapped and is eventually captured.

Amicia is quite impressed by Arthur's endeavor while being grateful, and mentioned that before Mélie. However, Arthur fails to appear as expected even when the Inquisition spots and likely destroys he and Mélie's Hideout, which the latter uses as a temporary safe house with the de Runes while waiting for him. Mélie and the de Rune siblings are forced to head to Château d'Ombrage during nightfall, and they finally hear about Arthur's capturing from the surrounding Inquisition soldiers. As Mélie always prefer to keep the subject to herself rather than talking about it, even with Lucas, no one mentions about Arthur ever again until they eventually reach Château d'Ombrage. The next day, Mélie still insists on saving Arthur all by herself and refuses Amicia's offer to help, and goes her own way after they reach the town together for their respective goals.

It's three weeks later when the raider twins meet with the de Rune siblings again, as Arthur happens to hear about Béatrice's survival during his time in Bastion and Mélie is eager to inform Amicia of the news, though Arthur does the actual job as Mélie fears that Amicia may blame her for not saving Béatrice—which actually happens—but only briefly as Arthur is quick to inform Amicia of Béatrice's importance to the Inquisition. The twins volunteer to look after Hugo when Amicia sets out with Lucas to find the elixir, and Arthur is the first to respond while doing guard duty with Rodric when they return. He also tracks Amicia down with Mélie when the former goes unconscious while searching for a runaway Hugo, effectively saving her life once again. In the following month, Arthur appears to be responsible for the daily routine of setting and lighting the braziers with Amicia, as a defense against Rats at night. Although suffering from depression and insomnia due to Hugo's absence, Amicia finally has a chance to express her admirations and gratitudes to Arthur, calling him a hero from the book from Hugo's perspective, while Arthur plays gentleman and attempts to help Amicia with the brazier and her sufferings. The two seem to enjoy the small talks between them as Rodric also teases Arthur about his feelings towards Amicia. Despite all these, Arthur is actually eager to leave with Mélie as he feels a life on the run might practically be safer and he prefers to nevertheless avoid the conflicts between the Inquisition and the de Runes.

Arthur's worst nightmare proves to be true as Hugo sends his rats to attack Château d'Ombrage while accompanied by Nicholas, right after he's done with the last routine with Amicia, as he and Amicia end up having to cover each other to return to the castle's main hall, through rat hordes. During their escape, Nicholas catches up with Arthur and Amicia, knocking them both unconscious while dragging Amicia out to have Hugo kill her, so as to force the latter though his first threshold. Arthur somehow wakes up moments later and manages to save Amicia a third time just in time. However, as Amicia goes to deal with Hugo, Arthur happens to forget his duty to ensure Nicholas' death as he watches Amicia's attempt to save Hugo while risking her own life in awe, he is soon stabbed by a recovered Nicholas as the de Rune siblings watch anxiously, being unable to help in time.

Arthur's death causes Mélie's rage to ultimately burst as Amicia stands out and support her. After their final victory against the Inquisition, Mélie parts ways with her friends despite their unwillingness, appearing to mourn Arthur deeply, 



Vitalis Bénévent


Conrad Malfort


  • Amicia tends to say "no" whenever a traumatic event is about to unfold.
  • Despite wearing a cowl, Amicia does not use it in events with heavy rain.
    • Either it was an error on the part of Asobo Studio, or the hooded garment was intended only for Amicia's design and had no other meaningful purpose behind it.



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